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Feeling Good About My Skin for the First Time in Awhile!

Vichy Dermablend

Vichy Dermablend…my foundation savior!

After 3 days of using a new makeup product I desperately wanted & needed…I feel I must post it here for others who are as self-conscious as me.

I have melasma all over my face and even my favorite medium coverage foundation (Makeup For Ever) doesn’t mask it well at all. I use Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer too. Both these things,and other concealers I’ve tried, only mildly cover it. But by midday, it looks like I have large dirt splotches on my face.

I don’t leave the house without any kind of base makeup on my face, ever. It’s another reason why I don’t like going to overnight barbecue competitions, camping, or any kind of overnight place where I’m around a bunch of people. It gets worse when exposed to UV rays. This is a huge problem since I live where the sun is always blazing and in an occupation where I am constantly back and forth outside in the sun.

Ever heard of Dermablend? It’s an industry makeup used for covering tattoos. You may have seen the YouTube video with the zombie tattoo guy in which they showed him with bare skin sitting in a chair, then he wiped his entire body off using a towel. It turned out he was covered using Dermablend.

Well, in Europe, a French skin care/cosmetic laboratory called Vichy, teamed up with Dermablend to make face makeup for the regular community. Vichy Dermablend has foundation, a concealer stick, and setting powder. I had thought it was only sold in Europe until I did a search and found that CVS has some stores that sell it or it can be bought online here in the US.

After researching more online, I found that it is recommended to use the foundation (which is FULL coverage) as a concealer and not for full face coverage every day. I finally went and bought some foundation this past weekend! It retails for $29.50 AND I found 3 stores, about 30 minutes from me, that carry it.

I am so thankful that I finally can see a difference when I first put it on, to midday, till the time I come home from work. They have four shades and I bought Opal 15, the lightest. It’s slightly darker than my regular foundation, but what is super cool is that as I use my finger to lightly blend it in to my problem areas, the color sort of melds into my skintone!

Long story short, I have been doing a major happy dance these last few days! It is an awesome product for those like me, who have discoloration disorders, acne scars, etc. it’s not meant for people with minor redness or pimples. If you have a major skin issue that regular makeup, even the good kind, doesn’t cover…Vichy Dermablend is totally for you!!!

Instagram Diary #5

Instagram Diary 5

A typical (boring) Arizona sky…now you know why I take so many cloudporn pics during the summer! ♡ They’re done!…and going fast. ♡ Assisting Cyndie at her Men of Charlie’s photo shoot for Echo Magazine. ♡ Today’s armcandy.  Finally found the perfect spiked bracelet and skull beaded bracelets from brandy melville.  

October’s Glossybox, the spa luxe theme has me feeling relaxed already.  Hot tea and a good book…if only these cool mornings would carry over into the afternoons too. ♡ Homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch today. ♡

Someone loves the scalp massager as much as I do! ♡ I could drive into this all day! ♡ Wedding dress shopping with (for) the bestie! ♡ The trick or treaters better get here quick before i made a dent in this myself! ♡

Munching. Watching. Enjoying. Learning. ♡ Sunny Sunday naptime ♡ Super soft comfy new PJ pants and on clearance at Target! ♡ Pumpkin Math was a huge success again! ♡

Instagram Diary #4

Labor Day = a chance for me not to labor over anything  ❧  Oasis of plot element products made by my students  ❧  Getting work done for Boards and feeling deeply immersed at my first Coaching Saturday  ❧  Wearing my new dress I swooned over all summer and finally bought

From the pages of Lauren Conrad’s Style book  ❧  Ouchie!  Got my flu shot.  ❧  Someone just had a baaaaath!  ❧  Good morning Thursday!

My new asymmetrical ‘do!  ❧  Enjoying a Sunday morning on my patio reading away  ❧  All eyes…  ❧  Pan Mexicano on a Saturday morning

Sunset in the rearview  ❧  Neon yellow necklace around my neck and navy on my back…ready for my girly day  ❧  Mmmmm…bought my first Teavana tea today, Sakura Allure green tea  ❧  Tonight’s sunset (see in Tiny Planets app)

Instagram Diary #3


Back to the old grind  ❧  Reading my students’ first letters to me…and this P.S. cracked me up  ❧  Chic Lit book stack waiting for some free me-time  ❧  Last Tuesday of the month is always a happy girl day for me!!  Hello Glossybox!

Heading out to celebrate a friend’s birthday…last party of the summer  ❧  It’s a race against time! Gotta get to our destination before it hits.  ❧  Eating lunch in one of my favorite places in San Diego…Old Town!  ❧  Labor Day = a chance for me not to labor over anything

Drinking a cup of joe from my Marauder’s Map mug!  ❧  On the outskirts of a lightning anvil cloud spreading up and out over us.  ❧  The stuff dreams are made of!  My hot carrots and crispy quesadilla.  Can’t get it like this in AZ.  ❧  Student made plot element projects taking over my teacher table

Back to school outfit!  I love new clothes for the first day as much as the kids do.  ❧  Photo ID pictures are never cute  ❧  Hello again ocean!  One of the best views in San Diego that I miss.  ❧  New clogs…already scuffed ‘em up too.

Instagram Diary #2

Enjoying a cooler morning on my patio and looking up ❧ Hello Orlando! ❧ Thanks for the treat Pooh! ❧ Haboob swallowing my neighborhood ❧

Rocking 4th of July on my digits! ❧ Check out the view from my hotel room in Orlando. Niiiiice!! ❧ By far…my favorite picture of Hogwarts! We were standing in line for the ride and it was perfection. ❧ Wanted more of this all summer long. ❧

Drip drop drip drop. Hello rain! ❧ I’m getting Kaganized officially and finally…after years of just using some of it. ❧ Honeyduke’s heaven ❧ Going all bright and colorful today. ❧

Had a bit of a craving and plus…it’s Ice Cream Month ❧ Lunch out on the patio…this is the life! ❧ Full rainbow across the sky! Where’s Rainbow Brite? ❧ We are all impatiently waiting for the rain. Come on already! ❧

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